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  • Be brave enough to walk out
    Be brave enough to walk out
    Category: Careers
    0 Episodes
    This is a podcast, which is a must. For all those people who are into the professional arena or better having a job, which they completely dislike or when they are been treated unfairly on the hands of their employer. I urge everyone to give it a try, it is indeed the best piece of advice to follow. Be brave to walk out. See more...
  • Clever life hacks
    Clever life hacks
    Category: Mental Health
    0 Episodes
    Clever life hacks are what pushes us to surprise. Where we read and rapidly go on to think that we deliberately do it without anyone noticing. At first, you are in awe but soon realize that we all want to simplify and improve our lives; especially under the cases where there is an easy solution to a common, pre-existing problem an See more...
  • The dapper's tip off
    The dapper's tip off
    Category: Design
    1 Episode
    his post was more of how I am and how I think , I will add, You gain power with the way you dress, the saying is true “Dress for the job you want not for the job you have” that’s right the ultimate job you can ever have is to be the boss of your life dress like the one even when you are nothing more than an intern in an organizati See more...
  • Thewowwords
    Category: Arts
    2 Episodes
    I read poetry and sometimes recite my own. The poetries are mostly dealing with day to day issues like fear, depression, unemployment, happiness. I come every day with a new podcast. I feel words have the power to heal you and let you be yourself. It 's okay to live in your own world, where you are more than happy, Take you See more...